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NEW Douglas for 2016!

Douglas is celebrating 60 years this year ~ since 1956, they have been leading the way in  loyalty, creativity and FUN!

Sugar B Sales is proud to be part of the fun and share with you new items for 2016.  There are a 120 new items from Douglas, including a new category “Color Stripes”, soft and sweet Baby, Wildlife, Horses, Sea Life, Fantasy and regal new Dogs and Cats.  There is plenty new in Fashion, too!

Be sure to come to Seattle Market Week and the PMC showroom #208 starting this week, January 20-25th!  Douglas is offering awesome specials with discounts starting at $500 and free freight at $750. Come in, write an order and enter a drawing for our free display give-away!

Trending — Narwhals & Hamsa Hands!

What’s Trendy for 2016 you wonder?  Look to Sugar B Sales to give you a Hamsa hand with that!

You can’t beat the amazing offerings of Narwhals (a.k.a. “Unicorn of the Sea”) that is a “for-real”, living beauty of the underwater world!

New! Gollnest & Kiesel – Timeless, beautiful handcrafted wooden toys from Germany

Gollnest & Kiesel
Gollnest & Kiesel – Timeless, beautiful handcrafted wooden toys from Germany

We are proud to introduce and share with you Gollnest & Kiesel ~ featuring Goki, Heimess, Holztiger & ANKER Blocks.

Goki wooden toys are a staple in Europe with high-quality craftsmanship.  Holztiger wooden figures are handcrafted in Europe of sustainably harvested hardwoods. Both brands are timeless and beautifully styled and allow a child’s imagination to thrive.

Heimess wooden baby toys are handcrafted in Germany using the highest quality native woods, water-based dyes, and safe adhesives.  Plus, they are saliva-resistant!

ANKER Blocks have been truly timeless for over 130 years! These building sets of man-made stone contain quartz sand, linseed oil, color pigments and chalk and are 100% natural.  They are prized by architects and there is also a more colorful junior line for children.