Our Reps


Betsy Harney

Pirate or Cowboy Talk?  Cowboy Talk (Yeeehaww!!)
Museum or Nail Art?  Museum Art (Henri Matisse)
Polka Dots or Plaid?  Polka Dots
Rhinestones or Faux Fur?  Faux Fur
High Tops or Low Tops?  Low Tops
Paper & Pen or Paper & Pencil? Paper & Pen (Extra Fine Black Sharpie)
Dancing or Singing?  Dancing
Autumn Leaves or Winter Snow? Autumn Leaves (Especially in the beautiful Pacific Northwest)

More about Betsy:   Collector of miniature European toys and designer chairs.  |  Problem solver / peace maker for our customers and vendors. I love turning a negative issue into a positive experience.  |  Our Northwest territory is the best! GREAT retailers, majestic scenery and the best of both worlds; amazing urban metropolitan areas and bountiful rural beauty!

Wendy Enderle

Pirate or Cowboy Talk?  Pirate Talk
Museum or Nail Art?  Museum Art
Smoothie or Milkshake?  Milkshake
Favorite animal?  Gorilla
Water or National Park?  National Park
Jeans or Sweats?  Sweats
Lunch or Brunch?  Brunch
Mega Glam or All Natural?  All Natural
Paper & Pen or Paper & Pencil? Paper & Pen
Stay In or Go Out?  Stay In
Oversized Socks or Fuzzy Slippers? Oversized Socks
Autumn Leaves or Winter Snow? I love them both!
More about Wendy:  I have a brilliant and beautiful teenage daughter who keeps me busy. | I love to travel and experience new adventures.  |  I’ve been in a book club for eleven years. 

Allison White

Pirate or Cowboy Talk?  Pirate Talk
Museum or Nail Art?  Nail Art
Maple tree or maple syrup?  Both!

Smoothie or Milkshake?  Smoothie
Denim or Leather Jacket?  Leather
Paper & Pen or Paper & Pencil? Paper & Pen
Autumn Leaves or Winter Snow?  Both!
Campfire or Candlelight?  Campfire
More about Allison:  
Stargazer, dreamer, Universe-listener  |  I love going to concerts! Nothing beats listening to live music!  |  My hair is currently rainbow sherbet pink and makes me feel like a fabulous Mermaid!

Ron Dukes

Pirate or Cowboy Talk?  Pirate Talk
Smoothie or Milkshake?  Smoothie
What’s your favorite animal?  Moose…no, Sloth!
Jeans or Sweats?  Jeans
Dancing or Singing?  Singing
Campfire or Candlelight?  Both!
More about Ron:  Seasoned professional  ( or just old )  |  Outdoorsman – Hunting, Fishing, Flying  |  Lots of Grandchildren


Ash Goto-Webb

Maple tree or maple syrup?  Maple syrup (Vermont Grade B, please!)
Smoothie or a Milkshake?  Chocolate milkshake
What’s your favorite animal?  Bear, but hedgehogs are so cute!
Magic Wand or Magic Carpet? Magic Carpet (As long as my samples fit)
Water Park or National Park?  National Park
Mega Glam or All Natural?  All Natural (Um, maybe in the 80’s I’d go with Mega Glam)
Stay In or Go Out?  Stay In (Good book any day)
More about Ash:  Retail-therapy helper | Mama to spirited & loving she-toddler; step-mom to gorgeous, brainy 20-somethinger | Meditated in a cave in my 20’s & love the smell of sandalwood

Abbie Florence

Magic Wand or Magic Carpet? Magic Wand
Selfies or Group Hugs?  Group Hugs…hugs are the best!
Campfire or Candlelight?  Candlelight
Dancing or Singing?  Dancing
What is your favorite animal? Monkey
Mega Glam or All Natural?  All Natural
Pirate or Cowboy Talk?  Cowboy talk…in my best John Wayne
More about Abbie:  A free spirit with major Wanderlust…raising a beautiful daughter that helps to keep me grounded  |  Traveling and Adventure are my absolute favorites  |  Put me in the mountains or by the ocean over a big city any day!

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